The Director of Operations reports to the President and Chief Executive Officer.

The Director of Operations appointed for North American Brands Inc, Perplas Corporation Inc, 2433962 Ontario Limited, Universitybrand Corporation, and Universitybrand London Limited (the “Corporation”). The incumbent is ultimately responsible for managing the Operations business unit consisting of product management, purchasing, warehousing, and logistics business processes of the Corporation to maximize shareholders’ return on used capital and for ensuring the profitability of the Corporation, the proper functioning of its operations and its sustained growth.

NAB based in London, Ontario is a sales and distribution business selling a variety of products primarily into the Canadian hardware retail and electrical distribution channels.  NAB fulfills product into both physical distribution as well as online and in the last 2 years has developed early stages of sales into the USA market.  NAB operates out of its own 100,000 sf facility, located on the 401 with capacity to strategically expand the business.

The incumbent is responsible for developing and implementing the purchasing, warehousing, and logistics business processes approved by the President and Chief Executive Officer, in accordance with the values of the Corporation: innovation, teamwork, respect and performance. They manage the implementation of business objectives, guidelines and strategies of the Corporation and ensure that action plans or policies are in place to meet those objectives. More precisely but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, they are responsible for the implementation of, and compliance with, policies relating to operations, finance, growth and human resources management. They are accountable for developing and maintaining sound business practices, relations with the internal and external clients of the Corporation, the financial sector, and the community and governments.


Principal responsibilities:

 Definition and implementation of the Operations business processes of the Corporation:

  • Ensuring that the mission, the vision and the values of the Corporation are communicated throughout the business unit and that the communication channels work at all levels and in both directions in order to favour productivity, morale and the attainment of the objectives of the objectives of the Corporation.
  • Coordinating new product onboarding and changeover process flows inclusive of communication amongst multi-business units to ensure seamless logistics and reporting.
  • Develop operational business plan for strategic initiatives involving the marketing and development of new products and services.
  • Develop quality assurance protocols for both proprietary manufactured products and non-proprietary products ensuring adherence to customer material sourcing guidelines and regulatory requirements such as Canada Safety Authority.
  • Maintain product inventory data integrity within the enterprise resource planning system.
  • Monitor customer purchasing data and trends with the Sales business unit to forecast inventory turnover, replenishment requirements, and manufacturing production schedules on a rolling 12 month. Match purchase order release dates with forecasted product sales to maintain optimal working capital levels.
  • Oversee consignment and buy/sell inventory movement, order processing, and shipment scorecards both within Canada and the United States to ensure delivering to our customer’s expectations.
  • Continual review logistic pricing components such freight and brokerage to ensure current rate cards for pricing as well as established and vetted service providers.


Constituting a performing team:

  • Recruiting, developing and maintaining competent and productive employees, ensuring they achieve the highest levels of excellence, including through training, and maintaining constructive and transparent relations with such team members.
  • Inspiring and keeping employees motivated and working with all unit team members to get the best performance from staff.
  • Modeling and setting the corporation’s culture, values and behaviors to build a strong, collaborative and focused team.
  • Making sure safety and governing regulations are followed.


Managing the operations of the Corporation:

  • Managing the Operations business unit and ensuring that excellencies components, such as operational efficiency and continuous improvement.
  • Preparing components of the annual business plan for the Operations business unit, including related budgets.
  • Analyzing the operational results of Operations business unit and of its principal components as they relate to established objectives and ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to resolve problematic situations.
  • Ensuring that a solid and adequate financial structure is maintained within the parameters approved and supervising external financing activities of the Corporation.
  • Ensuring that all actions that are necessary are taken to develop and protect the assets of the Corporation in order to maximize long-term shareholders’ return on utilized capital.
  • Reviewing and approving specific initiatives of the Operations business units which require capital expenditures such as equipment needs while respecting the annual capital budget.
  • Liaison for the Corporation with important customers, suppliers, competitors, investors, the financial community, governmental agencies, professional associations and similar groups to ensure appropriateness and timeliness of communications.
  • Coordinating the activities of members of the business unit through various committees and regular meetings and working with them in the establishment and execution of business plans and objectives of the Operations business unit.
  • Working with the senior management team on any legal matters that occur.


Skills and Education:

  • Completion of a college or university degree in business administration or relevant field to facility operation and maintenance.
  • 7 or more years of progressively responsible experience in facility operations, production environment or maintenance required.
  • Key competencies, including procurement, contract management, inventory control, manufacturing production, logistics and decision-making supported by metrics.
  • Data processing, reporting skills and analyzing information.
  • Advanced skills in MS Office and professional accounting software.
  • Strong ability to organize effectively, delegate responsibility, solve problems quickly and communicate clearly.
  • Leadership skills, including the ability to manage time effectively and handle both internal and external conflicts.
  • Refined ability to delegate responsibilities and provide leadership and training to key personnel.
  • Advanced written and verbal communication skills.

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